Southern Right Whale Watching in Warrnambool

1st July, 2013

When visiting Warrnambool between June and October an event on the must do list is whale watching in Warrnambool from the dunes of Logans Beach, Victoria’s own Southern Right Whale nursery.

From the viewing platform, if you are lucky enough to spot one you can find yourself within 100 metres of these beautiful mammals as they swim close to the shore.

The female southern right whales return to the nursery for many weeks, to calve and allow the young to feed gathering strength for their journey back to the sub-Antarctic waters. The males, yearlings and young adults remain further out to sea.

The southern right whale can be recognised by its smooth, black back and lack of a dorsal fin. On the head of each southern right whale are a number of crusty outgrowths called callosities, markings that differ from whale to whale. Irregular white patches sometimes found on the whale’s belly distinguish these animals from other species.

Call the Visitor Information Centre beforehand to check whether the whales are around, sometimes whales may not be visible at Logans Beach, even though they are in the region. Make time for multiple visits.

Click here for more information on the Warrnambool Whales visit.

Warrnambool Information Centre
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